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Court Mediation


At Saito & Madan, the mediation process is directed by the interests of the parties and not bound by the typical constraints of court procedure or litigation.

We approach mediation as a voluntary, confidential and consensual decision-making process in which impartial facilitators assist parties in conflict to work towards a variety of goals.

This approach to mediation allows the parties to tell their personal stories and explore mutual understanding. The parties determine the parameters and rules of the discussion (which is not typically the practice with formal litigation). As the mediation services process develops, the parties clarify and prioritize their issues, resolve underlying conflicts, and explore reconciliation and settlement.

While Saito & Madan Mediation is distinctive in its methodology, parties may also be confident in our experience with traditional areas of conflict. Saito & Madan mediators are experienced in commerce, employment, health care, education, real property, and probate among other specialties.

Divorce Mediation


Saito & Madan Mediation approaches each dissolution case as unique and with careful consideration. After an initial consultation, a mediation team is assembled according to the parties’ specific needs. At the parties’ disposal are specialists in child custody, child psychology, community property, financial planning and retirement, and retraining and career development. Our mediation specialists guide the parties through the various components of their separation, providing the information required for realistic decisions and agreements. Be assured, however, that the parties maintain control over the mediation process, at all times.

The Saito & Madan approach to divorce mediation services, and all other mediation processes, focuses on the parties’ concerns rather than legal protocol. At Saito & Madan, divorce mediation is an accommodating yet confidential process guided by empathetic but neutral facilitators.